Power System - Additional box to gain in power engine
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Power System

Power System

Power System
Power System
Up to 40% moreover power. Up to 50% moreover torque. 100% performance! Numero : +33 328 338 833

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The POWER SYSTEM box is the easiest to install on the market. It only takes a few minutes : the box is fitted with connectors that can be connected between the computer and the injection system. The installation therefore requires no mechanical skills.

POWER SYSTEM booster boxes can be installed without opening the computer. It is therefore quite easy to disconnect them to restore the vehicle’s original configuration. The box can also be fitted to another vehicle with a similar type of engine.

          1 | Take off the start card and the acoustic screen
          2 | Locate the common ramp pressure pick-up

          3 | Unplug the pressure pick-up pin
          4 | Plug the POWER SYSTEM box between the pressure pick-up and the original pin.

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