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Peugeot 206 RC
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Additional box for Peugeot 206 RC

The additional Power System box improves the performance of yourPeugeot 206 when increasing the torque and power of your vehicle. This type of box is used for most atmospheric gasoline motors with an electronic injection. The increase in power comes from the improvement of the injection time and in advancing the ignition.
+15 Hp in Power
+2.25 KGM in Torque

That is to say $130 (97.73 Ä) today and $125 (93.97 Ä) the 7th of  January and the 6th of  February.

Price :$ 480
Representing 360.83 Ä *

That is to say $ 779 (585.59 Ä) all together
instead of $ 829 (623.18 Ä)

* Exchange rate : 1.3303 USD = 1 Euro

     Measured increase in performance


Power +15 bhp

Torque + 2.25 KGM

N/m + 22 Nm

Connector type  Solding wire 

With SFI box + 8 CC

     Tested by professionals

Find the tests carried out by journalists professional testers (autojournal, Auto plus...) on a selection of vehicle using the power box Power System : Audi TT, BMW...

View the tests  

     The Power System guaranties

A 5-year warranty all around the world!
The technology conceived by our teams fits extremely demanding criteria.

The Power System cards are complying with the norms that are applicable within the directive 89/336/CEE.
For your own safety, every box of the Power System range respects carefully the European norms.

Delivered by UPS

Easy and quick installation.
The Power System box is the easiest to install in the market. It only takes a few minutes.

Your additional box Power System is entirely evolutional!
You want to change from vehicle? We can change the programming of your box that it can suit another vehicle.

     Easy and quick installation

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