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  SFI module
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The electronic SFI module

The electronic SFI module is fitted in 5 minutes to your car; either it is a gasoline or a Diesel model. The SFI technology corrects the waste of quality of your fuel to deliver a fluid and clean fuel to your injection system and therefore maximize your motor performances. Your motor is protected and the installation of the module does not alter the guaranties of your car maker.

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A high quality fuel is needed for the current injection technologies. Yet the transport, storage and the variations in temperature highly hamper its quality.

With the help of several laboratories, we have developed a patented system: The SFI Technology

The SFI module improves and purifies your fuel thanks to a high frequency treatment. This electronic module generates ultrasounds, which reduce the fuel viscosity. Thus it favors its pulverization and makes the combustion cleaner and more effective.

  More performance
• Improve the efficiency of both diesel and gazoline motors
• Optimize the combustion
• Eliminate the holes when accelerating
• Better accelerations

  More savings
• Diminish the fuel consumption up to 12%
• Reduce your maintenance costs
• Easily fitted and reusable with another vehicle

  More Protection
• Preserve your motor from the bad effects of impure fuel
• Protect the environment, reduce the polluting emissions
• Your injectors, EGR gate and valves remain clean

  More guaranties
• It does not modify the car maker's guaranties
• Tested in laboratories
• Made in France
• 2 year warranty


The SFI's module is fitted in less than 5 minutes!

The installation of the SFI's module is fast and simple.

Please follow the three steps which are presented below and find out immediately the benefices of the SFI Technology on your motor performance and on you fuel consumption.





Thanks to the SFI technology, you will get better accelerations, easier moving off and the holes of acceleration will disappear.

The SFI module corrects the loss of fuel quality when removing all water traces, eliminating harmful particles and diminishing its viscosity.

Thus it delivers to your injectors a fluid fuel, which enables a better pulverisation of the air-fuel mix in the combustion chamber of your motor.

A better pulverization makes a better combustion possible, knowing that an optimal combustion is the guaranty of a better driving.

Some tests in laboratories approved by the CIR (French research Ministry) have confirmed a decrease in the fuel viscosity thanks to the SFI module.


The electronic module SFI preserves the injection system of your diesel or gasoline vehicle. With the micro dispersion of unwanted materials (water, bacteria.), the SFI module protects the injectors, carburettor and valves of your vehicle.

The SFI module improves the longevity of your motor!

It avoids the corrosion, the sooting up of the injection system and the calamine which obstruct the injector nozzles and all other small parts of your injectors and force you to fix or even replace them. The SFI module makes the fuel consumed by the motor almost entirely. So the gaz rejected is cleaner because they do not contain non burned materials. Your vehicle will pass all the compulsory technical controls easily in improving the CO2 rate at the exit of your exhaust system. Thanks to the SFI module, this rate will not exceed the norms in force.

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