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Patrick - 32 Years old - Waiter - Cambridge MA (USA) Mercedes E250 TD

I’m gonna keep my car till the end. It was my father’s, I bought it from him when I was 24 and started to work. I was very proud and still am while I lavish it every week-end. However, even if I am not crazy with speed, it was sometimes hard for me to see my car a bit puffing, and I couldn’t help but think she was getting old. Therefore I decided to rejuvenate it! I fitted a POWER SYSTEM box. I could never think that in 10 minutes she would loose 10 years… She has the same performance, power and torque like before. It was a personal pleasure to realize I even did fuel savings because she consumes less than previously!

According to Powersystem : We are also fond of cars and that is why we are constantly studying new products to enhance them. If you seem surprised to consume less than before, that is because the box optimizes the fuel injection in all the different stages. Thanks for your testimony

John - 43 Years old - Hunter - Richmond VI (USA) Range Rover TD6 3.0

My 4x4 and I: it’s a love story. Since 1976, I have possessed Ranges or Discos. I’m using my 4x4 in my wood, though tracks because I’m a hunter. But I have to admit the torque was very limited when climbing mounds or hillocks, especially when the way was a bit greasy. With the help of a Power System box (+1.68 HP) and + 519Nm for the torque), I can feel back the good sensations of a V8 motor, and with less consumption. It’s unbelievable… The motor is responsive to all of my requests; I sometimes forget my 4x4 is weighted 2.3 tonnes. When talking of pure clearing, the torque enables me to realize performance I could only dream of before the installation. Thanks again for the online technical assistance. (I fitted my box alone).

According to Powersystem : What can we say more, you have been able to benefit from all the advantages of the POWER SYSTEM boxes, both in power and torque, and consequently your 4x4 realizes better performances in various fields. Thanks for your testimony.

Mark - 54 Years old - Doctor - Tucson AR (USA) BMW X5 3LD

I got the car of my dreams! Being almost 55, I quit the BMW sedans to get in the X5 3L D. I am used to petrol models of this brand with 6 and 8 cylinders, I got to spend almost 20,000 euros more between the 4.4 i and the 3 litres Diesel, so I chose this version. Despite its aggressive outlook, the 11.4 HP has sometimes hard time to bring the over 2 tonnes of the 4x4. Do you equip this kind of vehicle? What are the performances I can expect after having installed the additional POWER SYSTEM box? By how much will I consume more? I look forward to your response.

According to Powersystem : We can equip almost the entire range of European cars and of course the BMW X5 in that matter. Thanks to the installation of the additional box POWER SYSTEM, you will gain 1.87HP and 53Nm of torque. You will only be 2.5HP away from the gasoline version 4.4L and finally you’ll be pleased to realize that your consumption will sensibly diminish instead of increasing. We hope we have answered your questions.

Mary - 31 Years old - General Secretary - Denver CO (USA) Audi A3 1.9 Tdi

It’s my husband that fitted the box to my car. That’s brillant ! It is simply not the same car… My Audi is unrecognisable. The acceleration is much better without my consumption being increased! It’s incredible! I didn’t set the box to go faster… It is just because my Audi seemed a bit soft and I though some power was missing when I was heading to the close mountains. Now it’s perfect, my husband told me the POWER SYSTEM box raised the “torque”, anyway I absolutely don’t know a thing in cars but all I can say is that it is functioning great!

According to Powersystem : You’re right Mary, the additional boxes POWER SYSTEM increase the power as well as the torque. This is what make you climb the slope without having constantly to change down. Thanks for your testimony.

Andrew - 55 Years old - Representative - Los Angeles CA (USA) Volkswagen Passat 1L9 DTI

I have a major default, when one proposes me to talk, I do it. This time it’s to congratulate you on your invention ! This electronic box is a brainwave idea! I fitted it 6 months ago to my Passat because I found she needed more tonus. I could appreciate its efficiency, more power, easier to overtake, and I so got used to it that I even forgot it. In the beginning of July the fear of going on holidays with the caravan went back. But it’s in these circumstances that I discover a second time the effectiveness of the additional box POWER SYSTEM! I towed my trailer unbelievably easily either on motorway where I managed to keep a steadily speed without having the feeling to bother the other drivers or for the last 31 miles of sinuous mountain roads, where I didn’t need to change down in second gear and could overtake the tractors in complete safety. Bravo POWER SYSTEM.

According to Powersystem : Efficient at work and on holidays, the "2 in 1" additional box is a great idea for our marketing team. Thanks Andrew.

Jeff - 30 Years old - State employee - Tampa-FL (USA) Audi A3

For a long period of time I have tried to combine my passion for tuning with using my vehicle on a daily basis, but between the scratches in the parking lots and the small bumps in the fenders, it was impossible. Then I decided to buy a small car for the everyday life and exclusively reserve my Audi A3 for shows. Customized painting, sound system, rims, airplane hoses… the entire vehicle was transformed with a unique goal: TO WIN CONTESTS! But a last thing needed to be improved: the motor…During the “Runs” or the rallies, my 8.75HP were often too weak in power. Since I Installed an additional box POWER SYSTEM, changing up is faster and the 10.3HP completely fulfil their function. Nowadays my A3 is on top!

According to Powersystem : We’re impatient to see your creation! Added to the inside and outside accessories, the additional box finishes the perfecting of your vehicle when bringing some more horse’s power and torque. You are ready for the tuning rallies.

Michael - 22 Years old - Single - Chicago IL (USA) Golf IV TDI 130

"It’s over with my girlfriend…I decided to have a break and seriously taking care of my Golf. Even if my budget is higher (no more restaurants or nights out) I still can’t afford a brand new car. So one of my buddies told me if I set up an additional box POWER SYSTEM, that’d dramatically boost. I ordered it on Monday and received it on Wednesday and 15 minutes later I had already fitted the box. Really great! I visited my friends and they’re all impressed. A gain of 1.6HP in power plus 44Nm in torque, it made me feel so much better till the point I went out again on Friday night and I think my « new Golf » was really appealing to Carole… Many thanks to Power System."

According to Powersystem : Indeed our boxes increase the power but make your car safer as well. You will realize soon that the additional box POWER SYSTEM reduces the consumption.

Hugh - 67 Years old - Retiree - Las Vegas NE (USA)

I was a lot interested in the additional boxes but feared it might damage my motor! Expecting my motor to be more performing without damaging it: I wanted to understand how it works! None of the companies could provide me correct information except POWER SYSTEM. They explained me the additional boxes POWER SYSTEM were conceived with respect to the car maker guidance, that they do not modify the speed limiter and that they comply with the European Community norms (CE). With more than 35,000 customers, who are already satisfied, no problem has ever happened… This is a real team of professionals! As I was completely reassured, I finally ordered my box. I am totally satisfied and even realized my consumption has been reduced sensibly: REALLY UNBELIEVABLE!

According to Powersystem : We are of course at your disposal to explain the functioning of our boxes or to help you with the installation. We are the leaders of the additional boxes sales for a long time now and are doing our best to remain it and satisfy you!

Patrick - 52 Years old - Architect - Oakland CA (USA) Land Rover Discovery TD5 2L

I fitted an additional box POWER SYSTEM to my Discovery to boost my 4x4 after having seen the advertisements in the press, studied your website and finally following a phone conversation with one of your technician. I am delighted with this purchase, but being used to always check everything in my job, I couldn’t help but control all the figures that were announced in the motor power tests. Test results: my Discovery without the box: 8.7HP; with the box: 10.25HP (equal+ 25.3 cc) and for the torque, it has been noticed + 451Nm. So the results I got were lightly higher than the forecasts. I am even more satisfied and wanted to thank you for your professionalism.

According to Powersystem : You’re not the only one to doubt about the information that is presented in the advertisements, but with POWER SYSTEM, the engineers are strict and indicate the exact figures (averaged to the under figure, which explains the small difference to your advantage). Thanks for your testimony.

Shane - 38 Years old - Lecturer - Nashville TE (USA) Ford Transit 2.4 TDDI

We have 3 kids and the camping car is for us the ideal answer to nice and affordable holidays! This year we have planned a trip that must bring us to Florence…We couldn’t afford this kind of trip if we had to go to the hotel or rent something…My brother in law is also very fond of camping and installed an additional box POWER SYSTEM last year on his brand new Master, he keeps praising its qualities. So I am very tempted but my booster is originally from Ford, this is a Transit 2.4L TDDI 90CC and it almost reached 100,000 km. Will it not wear out the mechanism because of its high mileage? How much horse power will I gain?

According to Powersystem : The mileage is no big deal, the additional box POWER SYSTEM optimizes the injection parameters, respecting the barriers that are laid down by car makers. You will gain 1.4HP and 44Nm of torque, which is really handy for very heavy loads. We wish you a very pleasant trip in Italy.

William - 31 Years old - Youth worker - Santa Ana CA (USA) Audi A3 1.8 Turbo

I have a Power System box that I installed in my Golf 3 TDI, then in my Golf 4 TDI and I gotta admit I never had any reason to complain about. Excellent output, infernal torque… Really great. I got a small marvel that I particularly like, that is to say the Audi A3 version 1.8 turbo, 49,000 km, great shape, and the overall at a very faire price! Therefore I bought the power booster box POWER SYSTEM for this vehicle. I was convinced I couldn’t get the same sensation of power gain than with a Diesel…Well, I was wrong! The sensation is different, but the supplementary 30cc are a lot present, and the torque is incredible! The car works better… How can I say…the motor is well full at every speed, and I have no more holes when accelerating. So it was just to say that POWER SYSTEM perfectly works for Diesel as well as for gasoline vehicles. It’s brilliant!

According to Powersystem : Indeed the sensation is different when compared with a turbo diesel car. With a gasoline motor, the additional box POWER SYSTEM gives you a higher driving pleasure thanks to a real gain of flexibility and power. Thanks for trusting us.

Shawn - 25 Years old - Computer Scientist - Austin TX (USA) Audi S3

Done! I installed it in my Audi. It was less than a year I had decided to buy a power booster box. But which one? I found several models in the Internet with very varied prices, which give me some doubts about their quality and efficiency. I asked garages that were equipped, and some are not satisfied indeed. My garage advised me to call POWER SYSTEM for their genuineness and professionalism and in fact they perfectly explained me how the additional boxes work and their many advantages. After my call I was quite reassured. I ordered it and received it via UPS. I’m totally satisfied, my car is livelier, and I’ve found again a great pleasure to drive, thanks to an increase of power and torque.

According to Powersystem : There are indeed more or less efficient boxes and sales methods that are not really scrupulous. Our best promotion is the “satisfaction of our customers”, thus we are always more demanding concerning the liability and quality of our power booster boxes.

Philip - 38 Years old - Fire fighter - Anaheim CA (USA) Mercedes S500

We have always possessed Mercedes in my family. My first one was a class E 3.2L and since then I could not help myself but fall for those exceptional cars. Finish, comfort, lines… everything breathes Europe and its many charms. Nevertheless I was a bit disappointed of the S500 performances, of course once does not expect sportive performances from such a monster, but the result wasn’t meeting my hopes. With some friend’s advices I had a POWER SYSTEM box installed, and this time the power was there. Better and straightforward accelerations, easier overtaking! I rediscover my Mercedes. Thank you.

According to Powersystem : It is right that at the first sight, the power of the S500 might seem a bit limited for such a big-engined car. But the Stuttgart engineers have favored the comfort and flexibility. The POWER SYSTEM box and its additional 1.6HP bring the missing aggressiveness. Thanks for trusting us.

Peter - 37 Years old - Teacher - Kansas City (USA) Audi 1.8T

I got my fist Audi in the 90’s; it was a 2.8L Audi 100. Since then I have tried to get the same fabulous flexibility and torque as this wonderful V6 motor. My TT had some pure power, a kind of bestiality but I was missing the easy-going directness of a V6. I set up a POWER SYSTEM box and it drastically changes. The additional 2.2HP bring me sensations of course but it is especially at the torque level that the difference is the most striking. +98.1Nm! It’s crazy. The gearshift becomes almost superfluous cos the motor works perfectly at every speed. I recommend everybody to get this additional box.

According to Powersystem : In your situation, the POWER SYSTEM box “civilizes” the wonderful 4 turbo-compressed cylinders when bringing the torque it deserves. Welcome to the POWER SYSTEM world…

Georges - 34 Years old - Storekeeper - Los Alamos NMX (USA) BMW 7.60i

I’ve always driven American cars, Chevrolet, Dodge. For several years now my father-in-law has a BMW X5 and I’ve been seduced by the muffled atmosphere of European cars. Thus I went to the BMW dealer and I chose the 760i, all the German class with a very big V12 of 27.8HP…I wasn’t to be disappointed! It was nothing to say that, this was not a car anymore but a private jet! Nevertheless I fitted the additional box POWER SYSTEM. The few supplementary 1.25HP are quite appreciable and bring to the car the extra power it’s missing at low speed. Since then it’s not a private jet anymore…but an interceptor.

According to Powersystem : In such a car range, your demands can be only exceptional! Our box meets your expectations, and at this demand stage, we can only be but satisfied. Have a good trip with POWER SYSTEM

Jeff - 43 Years old - Executive - Atlanta GE (USA) VW 2.0L Turbo

I love this little city car, easy to park, its lines are great, and its sportive side is really pleasant. However I had previously a BMW 325i and in my opinion the motor was responding better to my solicitations. The response time was slow and the accelerations were sometimes soft. So I set a POWER SYSTEM box. And I got an immediate result. After 5 minutes of installation, my car was transformed. The power is now really present in every driving configuration. It’s a real pleasure to drive this little racing car.

According to Powersystem : The response time of the 2.0 VAG turbo are long indeed. The POWER SYSTEM box corrects this default and brings you the supplementary 1.7HP and 44Nm of torque. What more could you ask for?

Damon - 39 Years old - Engineer - New orleans (USA) Audi 4.2L

As I’m used to the US cars and their V8, I opted for a European one that was responding to the same criteria. This is the reason why I chose the Audi A8 4.2L. I was the number one being sceptic when buying this car. Will the quality, liability be there? And YES! Today with more than 75,000 miles, my A8 keeps working like the first day, except maybe a small mack of power… That’s why I fitted a POWER SYSTEM box. With its additional 1.25cc, my car has found its fieriness again. A kinda of rebirth! Really great, I recommend!

According to Powersystem : It’s interesting to mention that the POWER SYSTEM box can in fact be fitted to high mileage cars without any risk and carries out its job: MORE POWER! MORE TORQUE!

Johnny - 53 Years old - Welder - Philadelphia PE (USA) WRX 2.0L

When I bought this car, a dream came true. I can’t help thinking to Collin Mc Ray, to the Rally World Championship and the whole incredible sportive performances of this mythic model. The first sensation was unique. The purring of the 4 cylinders is incomparable and the 13.6HP brings the car to high speed. But in the Subaru club in which I’m part, a car owner has fitted an additional box POWER SYSTEM and gained 2.5HP and 58.8Nm of torque. I didn’t resist and I also did the modification. Ma car is unrecognisable and I really have the feeling to possess a “factory” model. Everything goes stronger, faster, it’s prodigious! My car and I thank you a lot!

According to Powersystem : It is true the Impreza Subaru is an impressive car, but with its 0.28HP it simply becomes UNIQUE!

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