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Power System

Power System

Power System
Power System
Up to 40% moreover power. Up to 50% moreover torque. 100% performance! Numero : +33 328 338 833

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Our product range for diesel vehicle
TDI range
This type of box is used on vehicles fitted with Bosch or Lucas electronic injection pumps. In this case, the Power System box dynamically adapts the injection flow regulator, thus providing greater power to the motor.

Examples : Renault DTI, BMW TDS, VW TDI 90 and 110 bhp, etc.

Série TDI

CR range
Used on engines with Common Rail injection, this type of box provides improved performance by modifying the amount of fuel injected and the pressure from the rail, while still complying with the manufacturer’s tolerated standards.

E.g.: PSA HDI, Renault DCI, Fiat JTD, Mercedes CDI, etc.

Série CR

VP range
This range of boxes is used on vehicles fitted with Bosch or Denzo radial piston injection pumps. The box increases the engine’s power by optimising the opening of the electric high-pressure flow valve.

E.g.: Opel DI-DTI, BMW 320 D 136 bhp, Audi V6 TDI

Série VP

IP range
This product range has been developed for engines with pumped injectors. The power is increased by directly priming the electric injector valves in accordance with the initial parameters.

E.g.: VW TDI 115-150 bhp, Audi TDI 130 bhp, all VAG engines with pumped injectors.

Série IP

LDA range
This system is used for vehicles fitted with Bosch or Zexel mechanical injection pumps. In this case, the power is increased by replacing the richness restrictor, which is designed to optimise the flow according to the turbo pressure.

E.g.: Renault 2.2 TD, Peugeot 1,9 TD,
Mitsubishi L200 TD

Série LDA
You can also discover the Power System PETROL Range

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