Power System - Additional box to gain in power engine
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Power System

Power System

Power System
Power System
Up to 40% moreover power. Up to 50% moreover torque. 100% performance! Numero : +33 328 338 833

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POWER SYSTEM boxes figure regularly in the columns of car magazines.
Here is a selection of articles that say much about the quality of Power System’s technology.
The professionals in the trade press are not wrong!
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The electronic unit lays claim to being a winning formula : many are the mechanical retouches proposed. Checking this out on the power test bench is a must!

At the time of printing, we have ended up believing that Power System constantly errs on the side of excessive pessimism… But let you be the judge: 20 bhp and 3 mkg stated, almost 32 bhp and 4 mkg when tested on the bench! The company’s customer, present at the time with his 307 Hdi, could not have been happier… Here again, the additional box is de rigueur, with very easy, ultra-rapid connections. The torque and power curves, compared to the standard version (which already stated 96.2 bhp) suffered only one discrepancy: the engine’s characteristics remained unchanged, just like its availability. Another interesting note: since the figures speak louder than any long discussion, just have a look at the opacity readings. The boosted version emitted less pollution than the standard version. That is to say, if the Power System is meticulously adjusted…

- Stated Verified With Powe System
Manufacturer's power 90 bhp 96,2 bhp 128,1 bhp
Manufacturer's torque 21 mkg 21,8 mkg 25,8 mkg
Opacity control - 1,05 1,01
System price : 760 € fitted

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