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If you still have some questions about the Power System boxes, here is a list of replies to FAQs

Will installing a box damage my vehicle?
Not at all. The box is connected in parallel, without removing the computer. There are therefore no mechanical modifications to the vehicle. Your vehicle will remain the same but will respond better when you wish to accelerate.

Will the box wear out my engine?
The boxes are designed to provide more power for torque and acceleration, while complying with the tolerances that are stated by the manufacturer. There is therefore no risk of wear.

On what type of car can I add a box?
Power System has designed boxes for every type of motor. Whether you have a gasoline or a diesel vehicle, you will find a suitable box in our “How does it work” section. Gain time when just selecting your vehicle from the proposed list and you will automatically find the appropriate Power System box. Our boxes can also be used on all vehicles with automatic gearboxes, and even Tiptronics…

More powerful? Doesn’t that mean more consumption?
Everything depends on you! You don’t need to have a heavy foot to benefit from Power System box’s performance. You can enjoy new driving sensations without changing the way you drive. Then your vehicle will not consume more.

By how much will the box increase my top speed?
The Power System box improves the vehicle’s acceleration and torque but does not alter the speed restrictor. The vehicle will respond better to your demands, for instance when overtaking. You will experiment greater driving comfort, a feeling of power, without the vehicle’s top speed necessarily being increased.

What is the advantage of a box compared to other systems available in the market?
Produced by cutting edge technology, the Power System box is installed without modifying the motor, while respecting your vehicle’s reliability. It complies with the European Community norms (CE) for greater safety. You can therefore install your box, remove it to restore the vehicle to its original configuration and then install the box on another vehicle with the same type of motor. Another advantage of the Power System box is that it is undetectable when your vehicle is being serviced, even with the manufacturer’s most advanced tools.

What should I do to buy a Power System box?
That is very easy! By going to the “Order” section of our Internet site, you can purchase your box with complete security. All you have to do is select you vehicle from the provided list and follow the instructions. Your box will be sent to you as quickly as possible and you will be able soon to enjoy new driving sensations! No mechanical skills are required to install the Power System box. You can therefore install it quite safely. Nevertheless, if you wish professional advice, our numerous distributors will be pleased to ensure your box is fitted correctly. Please do not hesitate to consult the list of Power System distributors, which is available on this site.

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