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The Power System box’s technology is the most reliable and the most widespread available.

It operates on the principle of inserting a box the size of a pack of cigarettes between the motor and the original computer. The Power System box does not alter the original computer.

It intercepts signals that are sent by the computer to the fuel system and optimizes the length of the main injection.

In essence, the Power System box only intervenes when the driver needs power, to overtake for example. The motor then responds more efficiently: the box provides increased power during acceleration and overtaking, while also increasing flexibility and driving pleasure. Since they comply with the tolerances that are laid down by the manufacturer, Power System boxes only offer advantages!

Power System products are separated in 2 ranges in accordance with your motor type:

Atmospheric range
Turbo range

TDI Range
VP Range
LDA Range

CR Range
IP Range

Your additional box Power System is entirely evolutional!

technologie RBS
Thanks to the RBS, your additional box Power System is adaptable to your choices. You want to change from vehicle? We can change the programming of your box that it can suit another vehicle. This modification is fast and simple for a very fair price
You perfectly understood that reprogramming is only possible between two equivalent motor types, gasoline or diesel. For instance: reprogramming of common rail box for another common rail vehicle.

With the RBS technology, change your car and not your box! Power System is there to give you always better sensations. Do not hesitate to contact us to know the details of the reprogramming technology.

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